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University of North Texas


Matt Reed is the Strong bull dodging type middies. He will come back to his right hand to shoot.  He likes to fade left and come back strong on his right hand.  You must slide with your body and knock him around.  Any stick checks WILL NOT WORK!!  Put him on the ground is a must.

Phillip Johnson is a highly Dangerous shooter in all situations.  He will look to shoot first.  When playing defense on him, do not let him get topside.  Slides must be early and confident.  Stay on the double team but don't get out of control.  Work his gloves and keep good position.

LSM - There LSM is tremendously athletic and likes to have his stick in the passing lanes.  You must change your pace of attack when he is on you.  Likes to break out when shot is taken we must be back on defense and cover him midfielders.








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