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The TCU Lacrosse program does receive some financial support from the University Recreation Center. TCU Lacrosse relies heavily on a large amount of their operating budget from player's dues. These dues help to cover the cost of traveling, officiating/league fees and player uniforms and practice gear.

Most players can look to spend approximately $500 dollars per semester towards lacrosse. Without this support it would be next to impossible to field a competitive team at the Division One level.  All support is placed into the club's general fund and used towards a variety of expenses.

If you are looking to support the team with a donation please visit

Enter your donor information on the top

Continuing on that page select Gift Designation:  OTHER/INPUT TEXT

Then Enter Men's Lacrosse into the field that pops up.

Enter your Gift Amount and proceed to fill out the remaining information. 

Click submit and the Team will recieve notice of your donation.

A very simple and easy process, you can donate securely and have your donation be tax deductible.  Any amount may be donated and there is even the possiblity of a matching gift from your company(if partnered with TCU).





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