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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the team run?

The model for TCU Lacrosse is the same as any Division I NCAA School.  We want to develop players into successful student athletes and compete for a Championship every year.  The team practices three times a week in the fall and spring.  

Is TCU a fully funded program?
No, the team does receive about 15% of their budget from the University’s Student Government Association (SGA).


How do you pay for everything else it costs to run a team?
The TCU Lacrosse team is funded by player dues.  The cost for the entire year is roughly $1,050 dollars. Theis amount is split between the Fall and Spring Semester.  A first year player's cost will be higher, since you will be purchasing your helmet, gloves and uniforms at a discount.  These items are yours to keep throughout your career.

Will there be scholarships available?
Currently the team does not give any aid packages.  If there is a definitive issue with player dues, other opportunities for work on campus will help offset the cost.

How does the team interact?
With a large roster the TCU Lacrosse team is very close.  The team has many extracurricular activities off the field and also many members are involved in student organizations other than lacrosse.

What is it like to be at TCU?
With an enrollment of peaking at 10,000 undergraduates the campus is a thriving atmosphere. A nationally ranked business school and continual emphasis on student life, the campus is perfect destination for any undergraduate.


How much and when do you practice?
Fall practices at TCU begin the third week of September.  Practices are Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  There are typically four games throughout the fall.  The final competition of the year takes place in November with a Round Robin Fall Tournament.  The Spring Season mirrors the Fall as practices continue on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Games are typically on the weekends although some midweek games can be scheduled

What kind of facilities do you have?
The Lacrosse team practices on one side of the Intramural Field and plays its games on the opposite “Game” Section of the West Berry Intramural Fields.  In addition with an agreement with the Athletics department we do hold some practices in the Sam Baugh Indoor Complex that is a turf field.   

How does team travel?
Team travel is scheduled with a local bus company.  In addition there is one large trip scheduled for the Out of Conference Opponents (OOC).   The team will be shuttled to DFW and fly out to their destination.  Other local competition will be included a chartered bus to the destination.




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